Jewelry Sizing and Other Properties

There are 3 methods you can use to determine the perfect fit for your toe and thumb rings.

String Method: Use a piece of dental floss or a skinny piece of string and wrap it around the middle section of the toe (or thumb, knockle or pinky) where you would like the ring to rest.

Cut or mark at the exact location where the two ends meet (be careful!) making a complete circle.

Line the floss up against a flat ruler that has a millimeter measurement, and use that number as your 1st size.

Then, measure the widest part of toe pad repeating the process with the floss. This measurement will be entered as your 2nd size. For best results, round down, not up.

For instance, your order will look something like this:

1st size = 44 mm
2nd size = 48 mm

Print this page and cut sizer along the lines. Make sure your printer is not reducing or enlarging the sizer. This tool should print at just under 2 1/2 inches. If it prints too large, try reducing the size through the printer settings.

Paper Sizer

Place the edge where the word “Wrap” begins on top of your toe center. Wrap the paper towards the arrow direction and pull snug around the toe. Use tape to secure down if necessary.

Make sure the sizer paper is snug and not loose around the toe knuckle and record the smallest size. If you have a very large toe pad that is more than two sizes larger than your toe ring size, consider ordering a half size larger.

Note your size in the Special Order Instructions section when ordering. Leave the mm sizing selections set to default (“mm”).

You could also download our Ring Sizer as a PDF file, click here to open, read the instructions and print our Paper Ring Sizer.

We offer a “Try Me On For Size” Multisizer to accurately measure your toe size at home. This plastic sizing tool works like a mini-belt and can be used over and over again.

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We will refund the shipping cost for all multisizer orders.